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In AMT257 we learned why in-house polling stations are likely to remain a pipe-dream. But if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed’s house and offer him a lift, according to Leon from Morpeth:

On the subject of corrupt polling stations:

I live in a small village in Northumberland and our local Conservative councillor (of about 20 years now) owns and runs the country house hotel in the village.

On polling day he regularly pays a member of his hotel staff to stand outside the village hall greeting everyone and taking a private register of every eligible voter in the village.

By the late afternoon he will then drive to the house of anyone who hasn’t voted to give them a lift to the polling station to vote for him.

I always thought this was pretty dodgy.

This on its own is not dodgy:

1. As a man heavily invested in the democratic process, the importance of people exercising their right to vote will surely be even more important to him than his own success.*

2. The people he transports can still vote for whom they like once they’ve been driven right into the booth.**

*Which doesn’t seem much in question anyway, if he’s been the election winner for twenty years.
**On the other hand, if he provides them with a homemade ballot paper with just one name on it…


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  1. Charlotte Says:

    I just wondered.. if a question isn’t answered because you have an abundance that week, is there any chance you’d ever answer it on a slower week? My question was a bit convoluted but full of praise for the podcast.. I thought you might email back or something. I appreciate you probably get so many though that it would be impossible to get back to every fan (that sounds sarcastic but isn’t at all) Anyway I spent a bit of time on my question, was fairly sure it made sense and was quite interesting and just wanted to know if it was at all possible it still had a chance? Nevertheless your podcast makes me happy even in some really difficult times so thank you!

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