Here’s a different sort of mistaken identity question from Maria:

Every time my husband Bjorn meets someone new, the person usually says they feel like they have met him before. Men and women actually come up to us in pubs or when we are out shopping asking, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Numerous folk say, “Oh you remind me of someone I know” but can never seem to absolutely pinpoint who that person is.

He has been likened to Patrick Swayze, Jeff Bridges, Benny from Abba, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Steve Martin – all of whom I personally think look totally different from each other and nothing like him.

Answer me this: how can one person look like so many different people to so many different people? And does he look like anyone you know?

Maybe he just has ‘one of those faces’? Perhaps its planes are arranged in a particular way that chimes with some sort of universal face-recognition. Or possibly his photo was used without his knowledge in a widespread public health advertising campaign, like this.

Readers, below is Bjorn’s face. Go to the comments to name the person of whom he reminds you. Personally I’m seeing the Jeff Bridges resemblance but not the other ones, although maybe the hat is overly influencing my judgement.

Bjorn pic


8 Responses to “lookalike”

  1. Jordan Clapham Says:

    I thought he looked like a combination of Helen and Olly!! No joke!

  2. Ken Says:

    I can see some aspect of resemblance to all those that are named. “Multiple Person Studio”

  3. Anthony Says:

    To be honest I reckon he looks like you Olly if you had a beard, long hair and wore a hat. I certainly can’t see Steve Martin!

  4. Lah Says:

    Steve Martin in a hat with long hair and a beard.
    Jeff Bridges.
    Brad Pitt in that Guy Richie film where he had a dodgy irish accent.

  5. Ashfae Says:

    Sorry Maria–he *really* looks like Jeff Bridges!

  6. Simon Says:

    Put your hands on your head.

    Jeff Bridges, as seen in Charlotte’s Web.

  7. Laura Says:

    Thingy from Status Quo!

  8. Martin Says:

    Chas and/or Dave.

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