tooth fairy: current exchange rates



Here’s a question from Graeme from Glasgow:

My daughter’s tooth fell out and is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy. When did this tradition start and what is the going rate nowadays?

Brush up on AMT229, Graeme, in which we already mulled over this topic then. However prices are rising all the time in these economically debilitated times, so readers: what IS the going rate? Head to the comments and tell Graeme, so he can arrange a PayPal transfer of the appropriate amount.


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3 Responses to “tooth fairy: current exchange rates”

  1. SalixRubra Says:

    Our daughter gets a quite generous $5 per tooth, although this is her only income as she receives no allowance.

  2. Leo Says:

    Provide chocolate money. It costs you less and kids love the stuff!

  3. Marie Murray Says:

    £1 for natural tooth loss, more for a dentist extraction, depending on the trauma involved.

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