Sydney superfan




It may look like we’re only showing you this email from Karen in Sydney to celebrate our own amazingness, but it should become clear from the fourth paragraph or so that the delightful compliments are rather mitigated. It also demonstrates why most Missed Connections are best left missed, because if you actually do start up that conversation with the hot stranger on the train, it all goes to shit.

Karen writes:

Every day I have a train ride to work – 1 hour 20 mins where I pass the time listening to Answer Me This and other podcasts.

Well this week while listening to the latest podcast, someone sitting beside me wanted to have a conversation about your podcast!

He proceeded to tell me how fantastic you guys are and that he is always listening to you. That’s great I say, agree with him and say that I just love the chill out time on the train listening to you guys, thinking he would get the hint I don’t want to talk to him.

He then tells me his dream is to go to England to meet you both (I say run and hide now).

He then asks me if I want to join him – I say no, I’m just listening to the podcasts.

My earphones go back in, and I sit quietly. I then get a tap on the shoulder 5 minutes later, asking to share one of my headphones so he can listen as well. I say no I would prefer not.

He then says, “Let’s talk about our favourite episodes” WTF!!! Leave me alone, freak, I say in my head.

OK so I get up and move seats saying “I’m sorry I just like to relax and am not in the mood to talk”. I move to another seat, he then gets up and walks up to me and taps me on the shoulder 15 mins later and yells at me in a full train carriage, “You are a bitch, I’m not taking you to England now to meet Helen and Olly.”

Answer me this: am I a bitch for not wanting to talk to someone I don’t know for an hour and 20 mins nor someone that I want to know?

No. It was decent of you to indicate early on that you’re not even suited to share an 80-minute journey, let alone a flight to the other side of the world (plus a few hours on London transport) and back. This releases him to find a travel-companion who is really up for the job. So if any AMT superfan WLTM same to share laughs and long-haul travel, they should hang out on the trains of New South Wales until they encounter this enthusiast.


3 Responses to “Sydney superfan”

  1. Conor Says:

    He sounds like just the type to recruit to organise The Official Answer Me This Tour! Upon arrival you are whisked off to an authentic British streetscape to wash the cars of unsuspecting locals before demanding payment, for which to purchase delicious sweary snacks at the nearby Thorntons for your enjoyment whilst watching a contemporary film in premium cinema seats which you did not rightly pay for. A break is then given to allow any smokers to enjoy a quick bathtub puff, before the day is nicely rounded off with a rousing chorus of Disney hits and free Christian bbq.

  2. Bob Says:

    Trains are so romantic!

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