Dear Santa



Here’s a festive question from Liz in Haskayne, Lancashire:

Today I have been writing letters to Santa with my toddlers (Toby, age 3 and Eden, age 2).

It got me thinking about what actually happens to all the letters sent to Santa. Surely they don’t send them on to the North Pole where there is some kind of giant paper recycling plant?

So, answer me this – what do Royal Mail and the like do with all that post for Santa?

They do send it on to Santa, of course, and Santa answers it himself – or at least rubber-stamps his signature onto a template letter he dictated to a secretary.

Then he puts the letter into a shredder and uses the shreddings to line the bottom of his hamster cage.


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One Response to “Dear Santa”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hamsters defacating on the shredded dreams of children. Nice thought

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