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I like almost all museums, and frankly I would have enjoyed this holiday excursion which has left Baggsie so aggrieved:

On a family holiday we were starting our long journey home. We had to leave the caravan site at Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy at 10am and our train from Milan to Calais motorail was not leaving till late in the afternoon. So in a country of such supreme culture, where did Mum and Dad decide to take us to cap off a fantastic holiday???? The Umbrella and Parisol Museum.

It was as exciting as the website appears… particularly if like us you do not speak Italian. None of their info was translated!!

Answer me this: what is the worst museum you have ever been to?

It certainly wasn’t boring, Baggsie, but my stomach nearly flew out of my mouth when I visited the Pathological Museum in Vienna last year. Like the Umbrella and Parasol Museum, the information was not translated, but my ignorance of the German language wasn’t an insurmountable obstacle: I recognise a pickled conjoined twin foetus when I see one, in between waxworks of syphilitic genitals.

Readers, do let rip in the comments about the museums which have left you underwhelmed or, like me, swallowing down the bile as you dash for the exit.

NB I will not hear a word against the Keswick Pencil Museum. Especially as it’s 2 for 1 this month, making it very good value educational fun.


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3 Responses to “execreble exhibition”

  1. LeighAnne Says:

    In Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain (located not far from Salamanca), there’s a museum dedicated to ornate antique chamber pots. They have something like 1300 of them collected by one guy over the course of his life. I understood every word of every caption and still only narrowly avoided dying of boredom.

  2. Nick Says:

    There is a museum in Sidmouth that has a display that contains one brick.

    One. Fucking. Brick.

    I have no idea if the brick is important, I refused to stay in there long enough to find out.

  3. Alex Says:

    While not a museum per se, I will say one of the weirdest places I’ve ever visited (that is very museum-esque) is right here in my own backyard: The House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin! The house itself isn’t really the attraction, although it’s quite unusual… it was built by a man called Alex Jordan in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright ***cough ripoff cough***. It’s built into a rock, literally, and the architecture is extraordinary. The decor is ridiculously dated, however, as it hasn’t been updated since the man died back in the late 80s, everything has a shag carpet sketchy/skeevy sort of feel to it…

    But the collections. Oh, the collections. There’s dolls with dead staring eyes, carousel horses, fake crown jewels, turbines, fake fabrege eggs, mannequins, dollhouses, automatons, thimbles, musical instruments, calliopes, paperweights, books, mold, airplanes, gaspumps, signs, chairs, and junk, crap, shit, and more junk crap and shit. Everything there is a done to the absolute nth degree… overdone and overwrought, truly. The whole attraction has a sort of dank and delightfully creepy vibe to it.

    I can’t possibly do it justice. Go to the site to check it out! You won’t be sorry. Well, you might. Just take solace in the fact that you don’t have to dust all that shit. http://www.thehouseontherock.com/

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