beans, beans, the musical fruit



I gather the rest of the world recoils in horror when they learn of the popularity of baked beans as a component of the Full English Breakfast. How refreshing, therefore, to hear this from Danielle from California:

One of my online friends from the UK recently introduced me to Beans and Toast which I heard was very popular in the UK, and I loved it.

Helen and Olly, answer me this have you ever been to the USA, and if you have what is your favorite food from America?

Pssst! Guys! I don’t want to be the one to tell her that it’s ‘beans on toast’; she seems so happy.

Danielle, if you trawl the AMT back catalogue, you will hear each of us rhapsodise about our numerous holidaysvacations in the USA, where between us we must have notched up over 15,000 road trip miles thus far.

We stuffed down many wonderful items along the way, including a few tonnes of peanut butter M&Ms, Cheetos, chowder, giant sandwiches, and some very impressive Vegas buffets. However, what we all love the best is the Mexican food that has successfully leapt the border fence into the States and flourished all over the nation, but has not thus far swum across the Atlantic to repeat the trick.

You may point out that there’s Wahaca and a few other decent representitives of the genre, but you can’t buy chimichangas with tomatillo salsa in every service station in Britain, so we’re still trailing behind.


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One Response to “beans, beans, the musical fruit”

  1. James C. Says:

    What about basic stuff like tacos or burritos? Would British parents ever make them for dinner? It’s so easy and delicious.

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