World War Weetabix



We keep telling you, listeners, not to let the little things come between you and your loved ones. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who is right as much as not breaking up over the world’s least important disagreement. But did you take heed? NO YOU BLOODY WELL DIDN’T. And now nuclear war is brewing in Worcestershire, thanks to a breakfast food that tastes like a compacted bird’s nest. Carl in Kidderminster writes:

I have been with my lovely wife for almost 12 years, we have an amazing relationship and I consider her not only my wife but my very best friend. However, there is a problem that has been a bone of contention throughout our relationship.

My wife and I cannot agree on the correct and proper way to eat Weetabix.

I like to eat mine with ice cold milk, my wife however insists that the correct way is to have it hot. Now I’m not averse to eating them hot on a cold winter’s morn but my belief is that they are intended to be eaten with cold milk.

This situation has now escalated as my wife is trying to convince our 5-year-old daughter that her way is correct too! My daughter even sneaks into our bedroom on my day off to wake me up so I will make her weetabix with cold milk rather than hot.

So answer me this:

What is the correct way to eat Weetabix, hot or cold?

I looked on the official Weetabix website, and the serving suggestion is “with a steaming-hot dollop of marital disharmony”. So you’re both right, hurrah!

Anyway, since I’d rather eat a Weetabix box than a Weetabix, I invite you lot to end/save Carl’s marriage with your votes.



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3 Responses to “World War Weetabix”

  1. Leo Says:

    The right answer is to have a steak for breakfast.

  2. charlotte geater (@tambourine) Says:

    the weetabix website says cold milk. and hot cereal is disgusting.

  3. mmillmor Says:

    This is not about overlooking someone being wrong for the sake of harmony. This absolutism is ridiculous. It’s like saying bread must be in a sandwich and never toasted, or an egg must be poached and never boiled. There are few absolutes when it comes to food – only preferences, and each member of the family (including your daughter) has every right to eat the food in the way that they fancy that day as long as it doesn’t inconvenience everyone else. Stop being so dogmatic you fools.

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