The father of AMT223‘s Nick from Orpington is not the only one of you to be falsely accused of murder! Please tell us in the comments whether you have been too – and take note of the keyword FALSELY – after reading this tale from Neil from Cornwall:

Several years ago I was in a car park in North Wales in my capacity as a sales rep. Having parked my car, I saw a police officer making her way slowly towards me and braced myself for the obvious, “You can’t park here”, or maybe “Is this your car, sir?”

What she actually said was: “The reason I came over to speak with you is that you match the identity we have been given for the suspect in the Jill Dando murder case!!!!”

I couldn’t quite believe it, but she took down all my details and radioing them through to her head office. Obviously it became apparent that I wasn’t the person who had murdered Jill Dando, but it did make for a funny story when I finally got home.

Also, being from Cornwall…..OF COURSE you put the jam on the scone first and put the cream on the top… why would you do it the other way around!

Jam first? That’s exactly what a murderer would say, Neil. I’m forwarding your email straight on to the Cornish Police.



One Response to “j’accuse”

  1. JoeyJoJo Says:

    A guy came up to me at a bus stop and said he was a journalist from Japan, and was I related to Fred West? I think he took my exasperated/slightly offended reaction as guilt, and it took several repeated denials before he left me alone, eyeing me up suspiciously.

    2nd one – I was in a somewhat dodgy pub, and a guy at the bar says “you’ve got a bit of nerve coming back in here, haven’t you?” I hadn’t been in in over 6 months, what with it being a pretty grotty place, and I only go to it when I’m with a friend who’s been kicked out of all the nice ones. I asked him why, he just gave me a ‘you KNOW what’ look, I said ‘nah, I’m from Brighton, literally just got into town yesterday’. He didn’t believe me, but I left, amused. Next time I looked up him and three others were conspiring and sharing angry glances at me. I didn’t ever find out what my doppelganger did, but whatever it was it would have gotten me beaten up if I wasn’t with 8 other people at the time.

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