paging Doctor Stinky


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Deploy the Glade Plug-Ins for this question from Max:

I was recently acting as an examiner for medical student exams, with an actor pretending to be the patient.

One of the candidates was really quite smelly and the actor marked him down as she was supposed to be marking his communication skills, and as she pointed out it was rather off-putting having to hold her breath.

I didn’t mark him down for his pong. Should I have done?

It’s highly subjective. If there was a section where you were marking the candidate’s personal presentation, then certainly you should have given him a D-. If there wasn’t, but there was room to comment on pastoral rather than academic qualities, then that would be an apt place to address the issue.

But if neither option was available, should one’s BO affect one’s professional standing? Particularly in a job which involves, on the one hand, considerable interpersonal contact, but on the other, potentially critical actions which transcend ponginess? Readers, weigh in:

Don’t forget, this person has spent seven or more years of their life and god knows how much money to get to this point. I can’t predict in which direction this might propel your judgement.

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One Response to “paging Doctor Stinky”

  1. Aaron Peters Says:

    There is, of course, the third option, which is to send them a email.

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