To grass or not to grass?


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Pete from Lancaster has a workplace grievance crossed with a moral dilemma:

I work with some people who are freelance and I know for a fact they don’t pay tax! They work at a telesales company and arse around a lot when they should be bringing money in. Annoying.

Please answer me this:

Should I grass them up to the taxman in this age of austerity? Or is unfair to do that?

Readers, decide for him.

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5 Responses to “To grass or not to grass?”

  1. Dave O Says:

    I’ve had this issue with a number of land lords in my time, who I suspected were not claiming rent as taxable income. I asked a friend who works in the fraud department at the Inland Revenue and she told me that they have a policy of only investigating claims where there is £20,000 or more in unpaid tax. In practice the cut off they use is much higher than this. So you could grass up your colleges but the chances are that nothing would happen.

  2. leonie Says:

    if they work in telesales, haven’t they already been punished?

  3. Seric Says:

    Your hard earned money and hard taxed money is used to cover the shortfalls they leave in taxation. Meanwhile, their untaxed paycheck for arsing around is likely higher than yours as a result. Do yourself (and the rest of us who pay tax) a favour and restore some equilibrium.

  4. Mikey D Says:

    Under normal circumstances, I’m no grass!

    However, lay down the damn justice! There are too many tax evading, benefit thieving buggers in this country!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Grass them the flipping heck up.

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