jar of hair. JAR. OF. HAIR.


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Aww, Team AMT has its own little late-period Howard Hughes! Molly from London writes:

In episode 157, you discussed what one could with spare hair. One of the options given was to send of the a charity that used it for cleaning up oil spills. Having long, thick hair that is prone to shedding, I began to collect it in an old, clean, Nutella jar.

When people I know heard this, they tended to react negatively, and my boyfriend wouldn’t stay over in my room. However, I was righteous, and knew that I could take a little mockery if it meant that the people and animals suffering because of oil spills could be helped in a small way by me.

The jar was getting very full, and starting to become reminiscent of the exhibition I saw at Auschwitz, of all the Jewish hair the Nazis had collected for clothing, so I decided to send it off to the charity. However, when I looked it up, I found that they were no longer collecting hair!

Noooooo! But let’s not allow that lovely jar of hair go to waste. Anyone here want it? Perhaps you’ve got a small oil-spill in the kitchen that needs taking care of; or you’re in need of a witch jar.

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3 Responses to “jar of hair. JAR. OF. HAIR.”

  1. Mister Tom Says:

    ahhh mank.
    My girlfriend asked me whether if she went away for a long time I would want a small lock of hair. I responded somewhat negatively.
    “ewwwww” may have been voiced.
    So I understand your boyfriend Molly. Be Rid OF THE DAMN HAIR
    or fling it all at him, just for fun.

    • Molly (the questioner) Says:

      In the interests of honesty, I quote my boyfriend,

      “I don’t stay in your room because:
      a) It’s a tip and
      b) You never want to anyway, as I’m such a good host.”

      “or fling it all at him, just for fun


  2. Paul Says:

    Send it to Blue Peter or Art Attack, I’m sure they could do a piece involving a toilet roll tube and some googly eyes on how to make you’re own mini-cousin-IT. Even if they don’t use it you might still get a badge…think of the privileges!

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