law-abiding Citizen Smith


Last week, we discussed the time that the comedian and star of Morons from Outer Space Mel Smith courted controversy at the Edinburgh Fringe by flouting the rules to smoke on stage. But now we find out that his Madonna-kissing-Britney-AND-Christina moment was mere rumour! George corrects us:

The council sent environmental protection officers to the venue (Assembly Rooms) on the first day of Mel Smith’s show and threatened the venue with the revocation of their temporary theatre licence if he were to light up on stage, thereby obviously scuppering their entire Fringe operation.

Mel never smoked on stage in Scotland. He did however take a puff out of the window for photographers on the street below.

And judging by this article George sent to us as corroborating evidence, Mel didn’t handle the matter with much grace either. But today, I am willing to forgive him, having just watched this, the nadir of on-stage ruses to stir up controversy/interest.

Honestly, Rihanna, do you think Nina Simone would have resorted to listlessly dry-humping a poor, foolish concert-goer? Just throw a handful of Quality Street into the crowd. It works for panto, and even a scrum of people fighting to grab a piece of foil containing 0% cocoa solids is less of a degrading sight than this.

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