make cleaning fun


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Here’s a question from Rosie in Berlin:

I am fairly new to the podcast and have spent today listening to old episodes while I am tidying my bedroom. It is a beautiful day outside but my room is frankly a dump and my brother’s coming to stay next week. I hate tidying (hence the state of my room) and would much rather be sitting by the lake (although because this is Germany there are a lot of naked swimmer and sunbathers!).

Answer me this – how can I make tidying/cleaning fun?

Why are you asking me? My place is a hovel! There are even potatoes growing in the carpet. Instead, take guidance from the real expert (no, not Kim’n’Aggie):

Readers, if you think you know better than the Poppins, go to the comments to advise Rosie on how to achieve what I consider the impossible.

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