bad luck


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Count your blessings, readers, as you peruse this email from beleaguered Susan from Queensland:

I’ve had a run of bad luck for the last year or so. Not loss of loved ones, but many minor incidents: car rear-ended twice in three weeks, the second a few days after the first repair; water pouring through the ceiling during torrential rain two days after moving into new house; the motor of a water pump burned out by lightning, replaced, then struck by lightning again; and lots of other stuff too tedious to list.

So answer me this: as an atheist of long standing apparently being picked on by a mischievous spirit – the only possible explanation (if you put aside the laws of chance) – how do I choose a deity to put an end to this unlucky streak? I’m willing to build a small altar, but I draw the line at any form of self-mutilation. Help.

Oh, there are other possible explanations: you were born under a bad star, you got out of the wrong side of the bed this year, karma’s a bitch and it KNOWS WHAT YOU DID… Also I’m not sure that if you become one of the Faithful, your chosen deity will agree to a one-on-one takedown of the mischievous spirit.

I do, however, feel sorry about your bad streak, so readers, go to the comments and help this unfortunate woman reverse the tide of misfortune through whichever means necessary.

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One Response to “bad luck”

  1. Jonny Says:

    I have a feeling that there is a deity that you are already paying homage to called insurance. Rather than seeing this as an ‘unlucky’ streak [Unlucky being a word used by people who don’t believe in horoscopes or crystal balls to describe an unfortunate event(s) that have a low probability of occurring] you may see this as a time when you are getting loads of new stuff. A new, non-water damaged, ceiling; a motor that shouldn’t burn out in the near future and you have become aware of a issue with lightning. So from these unfortunate events of low probability you are enlightened and in possession of new, free things.

    This is of course if your Insurance covers these things. And if you have no insurance at all I may only say: “Now that was silly, wasn’t it”

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