Whose Line Is It Anyway? Late-night version


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Tom from Brighton only looks at those mags for the articles and only watches those films for the dialogue:

As a man, and a hideous looking one at that, I am no stranger too the delights of internet naked lady fun.

In one of these recent naughty adventures I came across a particularly clunky piece of dialogue. The female protagonist (who has known the man she is about to sleep with since birth), upon seeing his no doubt extended penis, exclaims:

“Your cock certainly has grown into that of a man’s cock!”

So my question is: what is the likelihood this line was scripted and, if not, have you every come across a worse example of improvisation?

Yes. Every single improvised comedy show I saw at university. You know what’s good for a performance? SCRIPTS. Suffice to say, I have blocked out every line; but readers, if you’ve got a good one, quote it to us in the comments. Even better, if you were the screenwriter on this particular cinematic masterpiece, please inform us whether this line was honed by you, or a genuine reaction by an actress so deeply in character that her sentence structure becomes distinctly obtuse.

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