You prefer Hufflepuff to Gryffindor? Seeya!


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Unlike any of us here at AMT, Ciorstan has the luxury of dumping someone over a completely spurious difference of opinion:

I recently stopped seeing someone after he told me he hadn’t read all the Harry Potter books because they were boring. Some of my friends think this was the right decision, others say I’m an idiot.

Answer me this: do you think this was a good reason to break up with someone?

Erm – no. Although if you’re willing to give someone the heave-ho over that, then you really weren’t in it for the long term anyway.

And what is the strangest reason any of you have ever dumped someone?

Um – because we didn’t love them any more? Because the prospect of spending any more time with them was unappealing? MADNESS.

But readers, go forth to the comments and tell us all about your arbitrary reasons for ending a relationship. You cruel, cruel people.

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11 Responses to “You prefer Hufflepuff to Gryffindor? Seeya!”

  1. Sammy the Saint - Bristol Says:

    I broke up with my girlfriend of six months because she had never seen an episode of He-Man.
    How are you supposed to relate to someone after hearing that?!!

  2. greg Says:

    i dumped a girl because the only films she had watched were bad comedies and ‘chick-flicks’ her housemates owned, nor did she read books outside of her course.

    but then i dont see that as a stupid reason.

    ironically you dumped him for looking more like jesus.

    jesus would have almost certainly had short cropped hair as was common for jewish men in that era, and it was probably black. The long light brown haired white hippy Jesus portrayed in western culture is a european invention.

  3. smash Says:

    I broke up with someone because he was a redhead. Granted, he had red hair all along, but one day I looked at him and all I could see was his wet pink eyes and pale red lashes. He looked like a rabbit. This made it impossible for me to overlook our other relationship problems.

    I feel somewhat guilty still.

  4. Beth Says:

    I dumped my first boyfriend after 42 days because he got stuck up a tree at my 12th birthday party.

  5. Phil from Treorchy Says:

    When I was 6 or 7 my girlfriend dumped me because her family were moving home so she’d be too far away to see me after school.

    What made it worse was that she was only moving 2 streets away and she was still in my class at school (before she moved we played together in the back lane that backed onto our houses).

  6. Jessica Notts Says:

    I once broke up with someone because they cut their hair. But I believe I was totally justified, as I ONLY go for people who look a bit like Jesus, and as soon as this guy chopped off his hair he no longer resembled Jesus.

  7. Mark Says:

    I think it makes sense that someone who is such a fan of a series aimed at children would see such a childish reason as acceptable.

  8. Sean - Cornwall Says:

    I once dumped a girl after she had a very large and visible bogey for over an hour. I couldn’t look at her nose again in the same way after that. I couldn’t tell her. I tried not to stare. Made me feel a bit sick actually. I was only 12. She cried. Sorry Michaela. Wherever you are….

    P.S. I never told her why

  9. Erik Says:

    I once dumped someone for a weekend cause Modern Warfare 2 was coming out and the prospect of playing on-line computer games for hours while consuming large quantities of junk food was infinitely more attractive than driving three hours to her uncle’s 40th birthday and sleeping on her mothers couch for the weekend. I had great weekend of freedom eating junk, drinking booze and killing bad guys. Sent her flowers and bought her lunch on the Monday, and was back getting my willy wet by Tuesday 🙂

  10. James Says:

    I once went out with this girl who was so freakishly obsessed with Harry Potter that she was really boring to be around. I mean, all she could talk about was how awesome it must be to go to school at Hogwarts and how she was sure she and Hermione would be best friends and braid each others’ hair. So I told her I found Harry Potter boring (meaning I found her constant prattle about Harry Potter boring) and she dumped me. Result!

  11. Olly Newport Says:

    Although not me personally, a friend of mine broke up with their boyfriend because he was stealing all the loot from her whilst playing World of Warcraft.

    This is called Ninja Looting. All I can say is: ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game.’

    They’re back together now though. I think he gifted her a legendary weapon which is a rare item in the game.

    ‘Olly Newport, living in Worthing’

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