May I survey your…um…


** Click here for Episode 146 **

Here’s a letter to Penthouse, which James accidentally sent to us instead:

I am a surveyor and I am a very courteous surveyor at that. If, for example, I am given the key for flat to inspect, rather than just barging in, I will always knock on the door and after allowing plenty of time for a reply, I will poke my head through the door and then announce my presence before entering the flat.

So imagine my surprise, having inspected the master bedroom, to walk into the en suite bathroom to find two girls in the shower. Furthermore, these were not the boot-wearing, shaved head, short and stocky type that you might see on a gay pride parade but two beautiful Japanese girls that you are more likely to see in a movie.

So Helen and Olly answer me this: what excuse can I use to accidentally walk in on the girls again? Please bear in mind that I have now accidentally walked in on them 34 times.

Erm, something about leaking pipes? Exploding boilers in the downstairs area? Readers, we expect you have been in this situation more often than we have, so go to the comments and leave your suggestions for James to be a big pervert.

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One Response to “May I survey your…um…”

  1. Jimbobbybob Says:

    No excuses needed, just grab a bar of soap and join in.

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