Great British Bloopers


We can’t let Great British Questions go quite yet. Here’s the last hurrah from our video-making road trip:

Helen and Olly’s Great British Bloopers

Here are responses to a few of the questions you asked about the series:

• “Where did you get your sunglasses from?” They were 3 for £10 from a market stall in Camden. Nothing but the best for us.
• “What’s wrong with Olly’s eyes?” Nothing! They are both entirely fine, with the full complement of pupils, irises and whites.
• “What happened to the cheese-rolling where they run down a steep hill?” Shut down because of health and safety, alas. Watching this, we simply cannot understand why…
• “Where’s Martin the Sound Man?” He has a real job, you know.
• “How funny are the YouTube closed captions?” VERY funny. Everybody, if you haven’t already, go and watch the videos again but click on the red ‘CC’ button and select ‘Transcribe Audio’.

Additional things we learnt on the road:

• In the war of the regional plum loaves, Lincolnshire plum loaf beats Lancashire plum loaf hands down.
• If there’s anything more depressing than Blackpool on a Friday night, it is Blackpool on a Thursday night when everything is shut and there’s not even a single stag-night livening the place up.
• During the trip, we sampled many Great British Breakfasts, much to the chagrin of our arteries. Standards varied wildly, and to our surprise, our favourite was to be found at the Preston Marriott. An entire roomful of self-service hot and cold breakfast buffet? We’ll take it! In fact, we will take far more than we want to eat, just on principle.
• Whereas the Bath Travelodge serves your breakfast in a bag. This feels disproportionately dehumanising.
• The hotels we liked the best were the White Hart, Moretonhampstead, Devon; Ten Hill Place, Edinburgh; and the Westmoreland Hotel, Tebay services – we defy you to tell us of a nicer motorway services hotel in the country!
• This year, all hotel toiletries smell of lemongrass. What’s your tip for the top scent for mini-shampoo in 2011?
• Top in-car entertainment: Backstreet Boys greatest hits; Fern Britton’s autobiography audiobook.
• Deep-fried Mars Bars are surprisingly nice. Deep-fried Galaxy bars are even nicer. I’m unlikely ever to submit my arteries to such an experience again, but if I did, I’d like to take a punt on deep-fried Snickers being the best of all.

So that’s it! Many thanks to Tess Longfield and Rachel Aked of VisitBritain for setting the whole up, and to you lot for watching.

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5 Responses to “Great British Bloopers”

  1. faith Says:

    On a side note, when watching ‘Helen and Olly on Sky News 2008’ or whatever from your youtube channel, youtube then suggested i watch a video entitled ‘Helen and Martin’s Wedding’

    And also – please do not have a wedding like these two people, despite them sharing your name. It was horrendous.

  2. faith Says:

    Hahaha the swan!!!

    And the small vagina comment…

  3. Dan Says:

    I didn’t find the kick in the balls clip but I did find this. Note the solitary well-chosen overdubbed sound effect.

  4. Megan Says:

    I cannot stop laughing. I salute whoever trained that swan.

    Please answer me this, did you ever find the video of the guy getting kicked in the balls? And can you get me Wally’s number? I love directness in a guy 🙂

  5. Jessee Says:

    That. Was. Fantastic.

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