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Breaking up is hard to do, particularly when the emotional pain is coupled by the threat of modern technology. Rhiane writes to us:

I am in quite a pickle.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years last week, 3 of those years our relationship was long distance while we were both at university, and he has several pictures of me which are of an intimate nature.

The pictures are on his phone and computer, so if I ask him to delete them he could just lie and tell me they have been deleted and I wouldn’t know! He’s not the type of guy to show them to all of his friends (which is the main reason I agreed to send him the pictures!), but I’m a bit worried he might put them on Facebook or something in a rage (as I was the one who broke up with him).

So answer me this: should I just leave it and hope that he keeps them to himself? Or ask him to delete them when he could just lie about it?

We’ve all had to try to persuade our exes to burn the charcoal portraits they did of us sans cardigans, haven’t we? Guys?

Alright then, none of us have actually suffered a break-up since the advent of Facebook, so our qualifications are out of date upon this matter. But you people seem a saucy bunch, so please repair to the comments to advise Rhiane of the most tactful means of ensuring her naked parts are not disseminated around cyberspace at this already sensitive time.

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4 Responses to “nudie pics”

  1. Joe yerac Says:

    I was on the same boat but the other way around I.e I was the holder of said incriminating literature.
    I don’t think you have too much to worry about as In the same situation the last thing I wanted to do was to keep looking at nudie pics of the girl that I had loved and enjoyed carnal time
    with. Men just aren’t like that and frankly I can be a bit of a bad boy sometimes.
    If this bloke is a decent chap he will defiantly want to remove the temptation of torturing himself by looking at what he has loved and lost.
    If he posts it on you-tube then he was an f Witt all along and should laugh it off.

  2. Seric Says:

    You were together 4 years, I’m sure he’s a nice chap really. Unless things went ugly at the end – I doubt he’d do anything like that. If he’s not the kind of person to show them to his friends, I doubt he’s the kind of person who would post them on facebook.

  3. Rhys from Bridgend Says:

    Cry. Cry a lot. Cry like he has never seen you cry. Cry so hard that in his guilt he would feel so bad that he even kept these photos he will destroy the computer.

    That’s my advice.

  4. Amber Says:

    Oh, dear. As the great and powerful sex columnist Dan Savage has said many times (this question comes up a lot for him it seems)…you’re basically screwed and must now hope that the ex is an honorable fellow. If the ex does go crazy with the old photos, just remember that the worst that could happen is embarrassment. Tell those whom you think may be affected by your photos (family, friends, possibly employers and co-workers) that the ex has gone mad, and that you are a victim, not some secret webcam girl. Most people will be sympathetic, as we all know someone stuck with a crazy ex. I’m sure family members will be embarrassed, but unless you are from a VERY conservative background, I doubt you’ll be cast out for it.

    As for…other uses your newly released photos may come to. Well. That is simply a risk any person who takes naughty pictures and sends them digitally must endure.

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