EPISODE 141 – classic Napoleon syndrome


Hello again!

Dry those tears, untie those yellow ribbons round the ole oak trees, because we are, as promised a month ago, BACK. We’ve had a lovely sort-of-holiday (which you can find out more about next Tuesday!), and are raring to go with Answer Me This! Episode 141:

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It’s a corker of an episode for fans of older ladies, with appearances from vintage hotties Merle Oberon (phwoar!), Marguerite Patten (schwing!), Joan Hickson (hubba hubba!) and Angela Lansbury (fapfapfapfapfap), along with unrelated topics of conversation including:

Sea World
the brains of Tostao
Brad Meldhau vs. jazzercise, Jazzles and Jazz apples
Cantona vs. Sartre
Polar Bear vs. music for polar bears
Gone with the Wind vs. Bollywood
the Azerbaijan Film Institute’s top 100 movies?
Being Erica
the Big E agricultural festival
kiwi fruit
the best Miss Marple.

Plus: Olly reenacts The Wrong Trousers at a posh wedding (say, do any of you want to bid on a pair of 38″ Hugo Boss trousers, worn once?); Helen is a philistine when it comes to Citizen Kane and ball ponds; and Martin the Sound Man must have grown up a bit over the break because he manages not to cackle at the phrase ‘ball pond’. Meanwhile, over on our new app, this week’s extra content is a merry tale of gazpacho. Soup-er!

Having been off on our break, we’ve returned with much to tell you about, including Martin the Sound Man’s new album, ‘We Went to the Bottom of the Ocean’ (make sure to endure to the very end of this episode for a sample track!) and our new series of videos, Helen and Olly’s Great British Questions, which will kick off next Tuesday. But amidst all this novelty, please remember to supply AMT with its very life-blood by sending us a QUESTION, so please do that by leaving a voice message on 0208 123 5877 or Skype ID answermethis or by sending an email to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

See you next week, with plenty more excitement in the offing!

Helen and Olly

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8 Responses to “EPISODE 141 – classic Napoleon syndrome”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Nice episode guys! Glad you’re back

  2. Heather from Manchester Says:

    I was just listening to the episode and I just wanted to say I also used to slide down the stairs when I was little except I never used a sleeping bag and got my parents into a bit of trouble at the hospital as I would get many bruises on the back of my legs which is an unusual place for any child, even a clumsy one like me, to get bruises.

    Also I really liked the music Martain. Olly was right your album isn’t shit it is very good and a lovely end to your first episode back 🙂

  3. Adam Howe Says:

    That is the website for the Azerbaijan Film Comission, although unfortunately they don’t have a list of top 100 films.

    Inspired by your episode I finally watched Citizen Kane for the first time in my life. It was definitely one of the best films I’ve ever seen: Orson Welles was excellent in the leading role; and the photography was outstanding.

    I also loved the track from the Sound of the Ladies and promptly downloaded the album. I didn’t pay anything for it (sorry Martin), but I will definitely consider buying the CD when it’s released.

    Adam, 16, Surrey

  4. Bruce Says:

    Great episode! Loved the Sound of the Ladies bonus track too! 😀

    I would however like to draw Martin the Soundman’s attention to one small thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, Helen, but shouldn’t the track ‘Wash the Sleep from My Eyes, for One Day I’ll Have to Awake’ actually be awakEN or just wake?

  5. Samuel Barratt Says:

    Loved the episode as ever; but the abuse of Jazz! Great to hear Polar Bear and Mehldau get a name drop. Contemporary jazz is amazing and you don’t have to pretend to be enjoying; though it can be an unavoidable side affect….

  6. Dan Carpenter Says:

    Just listened to the latest episode. Superb as ever!

    Very disappointed by Helan’s brother Andy’s answer to the intelligent footballer question though. He missed the obvious answer of Dr Kenny Deuchar (who currently plays in the Scottish Premiership for Falkirk) who used to work full time as a doctor in a local hospital when a part time player before managing to get a move to bigger full-time clubs, and is commonly known by fans as ‘The good doctor’

    Shame on you Andy!

  7. David Beaton Says:

    Great episode – and really enjoyed The Sound of the Ladies at the end.. could you do a different song from the album at the end of each upcoming episode? Would give something to look forward to at the end.. P.S. Helen and Olly, why am I a vegetarian? I have no idea! Ever since I can remember, seeing meat (especially when it looks like the animal) has made me feel physically sick! I love the taste though.. David, 25, London

  8. Dave Felton Says:

    Wow – did not have Helen pegged as having seen that few of the films. For someone so well-read, that’s a surprise.

    May I suggest, in kind’ve quite an obviously pompous way, but also quite a neccessary one, that you guys start ordering better films for your film nights? I love how well versed in da high and low culture you are, and appreciate the honesty in your numbers, but really only Martin is respectable.

    Also, you could watch Citizen Kane for a really great story told really well, not for an opportunity to form an opinion…

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