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Here’s a frontline report from a bona fide turkey egg eater, Deborah from Camden, to crack the ovine mystery of Episode 139:

I had a turkey egg for the first time recently – my mother got it from some absurdly posh farmers’ market in Kent that sold stuff like quince trees alongside the usual foreribs and heritage carrots.

They looked fantastic – like very large hen’s eggs dusted with cocoa like Mini Eggs – and tasted good too (though maybe because I fried them in a pan I’d just used for bacon?).

I’d say they came third in the seven birds eggs I was tasting for my blog, below quail and ostrich but above hen, duck, goose and pheasant. The shell was very hard – probably because turkeys are so massive they’d crush them otherwise.

Full write-up of the 7 different eggs HERE.

Thankyou, Debbie, for your tireless eggy quest, saving us from having to rustle some turkey eggs from a poultry farm in the dead of night. Now, who can tell us what crocodile eggs taste like?

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