Turkey eggs: the inside scoop


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Rowena from New Zealand is fully qualified to put to bed the turkey eggs question from Episode 139. Why? Because she grew up on a turkey farm, that’s why:

Turkey eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs, their shells are a bit harder to break and their yolks are larger and more yellow than orange.

Ironically I don’t actually eat eggs so couldn’t tell you first hand what the taste is like, but I know my family prefer them to chicken eggs and when I asked my mum she said, “They’re more wholesome and heaps better for you because the turkeys are happy (I think she was just saying that because our turkeys are free range!) and the yolk is a little thicker and richer.” So that’s straight from the turkey farmer’s wife!

We don’t usually sell our eggs as we use them all for hatching more turkeys but do sell the cracked ones that we can’t incubate locally if people want them.

Thanks for assuming the yolk of responsibility, Rowena. I think we’ve finally cracked this mystery. We shell wonder no more. Etc.

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