Don’t mind her, she’s got the vampires in


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Looks like someone other than Martin the Sound Man was bored watching Twilight, because Elle from Leeds was sufficiently unswept-away by the Grand Romance to ponder upon the following:

I’m not being deliberately disgusting but please answer me this… If the whole tragedy about Twilight is that Edward wants to drink Bella’s blood, couldn’t he just wait for her to get her period? This would result in an immediate happy ending and everyone wins.

Couldn’t all vampires just do this? They wouldn’t be as terrifying but perhaps a little creepy…

Apart from Edward going hungry for most of the month – which would only make him even more vapid – this does seem like a halfway sensible plan to us. So what is the catch? We’re not experts/interested in the whole vampire mythology, but if any of you are, head right for the comments and tell us whether this could solve both the problem of vampirical nutrition and landfill caused by feminine hygiene products.

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2 Responses to “Don’t mind her, she’s got the vampires in”

  1. Abby Says:

    wouldn’t it be a bit clotty? Would it be like eating a yoghurt with bits in it? xoxo

  2. sailinghome Says:

    don’t vampires have to drink fresh blood… and I don’t think that the blood from periods is fresh if you just hand the tampon over at the end of each day….

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