the physics of fictional weapons


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Uh oh, have we got a fight brewing? Listener Nigel is taking issue with Dr Martin Austwick’s science of lightsabers:

The sharp pointy bit of the lightsaber may be made of light but it is not transparent hence does not allow light to pass through it.
Light from another source would not pass through the saber as with any opaque object and it would therefore cast a shadow.

Did they teach you nothing during your DPhil, Martin? Did you buy your doctorate off the internet? You’ll be attracting looks of scorn at the next Institute of Physics beetle drive. How embarrassing.

Meanwhile Adam from Tasmania was inspired to write in by Henry’s tale of semen cologne:

After hearing of the interesting scent that guy used in Episode 130, I was reminded of an interesting perfume that was mentioned in a blog I read recently.
Why dont you have a look and tell me what you think?

I AM TOO FRIGHTENED TO LOOK. But you guys go right ahead. We are not responsible for the content of external websites etc etc…

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One Response to “the physics of fictional weapons”

  1. stuart Says:

    I’m playing catch-up on the recent couple of episodes- I was listening to this bit about lightsabers and I recently read a cool physics book (as cool as a physics book can be) and thought martin may be interested in this to brush up on the possible physics behind cool sci fi things such as light sabers-

    It is Physics of the impossible by Michio Kaku and should explain exactly how a real lightsaber can be made

    Stuart from belfast

    BTW also a major G N’ R fan!!!!

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