Don’t boff the boss!


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Turn your minds, please, to this question from Megan in North Walsham:

Is shagging your boss right or wrong?!? My best friend (let’s call him George) is fucking his male MARRIED TO A WOMAN boss. George freely admits that he’s a gold-digger and using his boss for his money. Should I tell him to stop shagging his boss and potentially lose him his job, or ignore it and let him keep raking in the money?? I love George to bits, and don’t particularly want to see him hurt or unemployed. He’s asking me what he should do, and I don’t know what to tell him. Please help!

Ideally, Megan, you could turn back time and make George not fuck his boss in the first place, because each of the realistic denouements in the above scenario will likely result in ‘George’ eventually being sacked. Perhaps we are being prudish, but in our (dirty) book, sexing people a) in a position of authority over you b) who are married c) for money is NOT a good idea.

Furthermore, we anticipate that the longer he carries on this foolish affair, the worse the fallout will be; so he should stop as soon as the employment market is looking a bit more buoyant.

But readers, what do YOU think? Head to the comments to advise Megan how to instill in George the moral compass which he appears to lack.

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4 Responses to “Don’t boff the boss!”

  1. Josh Says:

    Perhaps ‘George’ could claim to contract something nasty, allowing him to call off the boffing for the boss’ own good?

  2. Emma Says:

    How’s he getting money out of this deal? Is he blackmailing the boss, or just being bought nice presents, mistress-style?

  3. berty Says:

    if that’s where he’s diggin’ it ain’t gold he’s going to find!

  4. Darcy Says:

    So “gold-digger” means prostitute now? If money is his main concern, has he considered going pro?

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