wedding crushers


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Wade back in your memory through the mists of time, around the bog of forgetfulness, and over the stile of reminiscence, right the way to the end of the last series of Answer Me This!, then append the following observations supplied by our beloved listeners. Firstly, Jim in New Jersey:

You may have strongly doubted the origins of the wedding kiss in an actual ritual consummation, but how about this for a dramatic touch? Margaret Mead documented a primitive wedding ceremony performed by a tribe in New Guinea in which the newly wedded couple copulated on a wooden platform in front of all the villagers. At the moment of climax, a huge pile of lumber was released from above them, crushing them to death. One would think this ritual might have a negative effect on population growth.

Not only that, it would really decimate the honeymoon industry. If this came back in vogue, Sandals resorts would close overnight!

On a related note, Matt, who calls himself ‘Moo’ (each to their own), suggests we all have a little paddle in the following pool of schadenfreude:

In Episode 123 you were discussing proposals in public and how shameful it would be – well have a look at this for the ultimate humiliation, and the amazing premonition-like commentators:

Don’t cry, she’s probably just popped off to the loo for a sec. Right? Right?

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2 Responses to “wedding crushers”

  1. Larry Nelson Says:

    Yes, that story is bollocks. But Margaret Mead is a renowned astrologist. She is the person who first discovered in 1913 that any girlfriend with a pet snake is bad news.

  2. Easy Tiger Says:

    That ‘primitive wedding ceremony’ scenario sounds like bollocks to me. Who is Margaret Mead?

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