Jews and booze


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We at Answer Me This! were rather underimpressed by this year’s display of Halloween garments. Given a one-night-only opportunity to walk around in public wearing absolutely anything, 90% of Londoners chose to dress up as slags! And most of the other 10% just sprinkled a bit of fake blood onto a shirt and called that a costume. NO NO NO! Fancy dress requires effort and/or ingenuity. And now, please lend yours to Christine from San Diego:

I have been invited to a friend’s 23rd birthday and the theme is “Jews and Booze”. I am completely confused and stumped by this theme. The birthday boy is Jewish, but also a fun-loving party animal, so I guess the theme is appropriate, but what do you wear to seem Jewish-themed and yet pretty? Yarmulkes? Star of David-printed hotpants? Do you have any sensible suggestions? I am severely lacking in knowledge of what to wear to a fancy dress party and of Jewish culture and I need help! I have nightmares that I will show up as a female Nazi in the mode of Prince Harry and ruin the party.

Readers, please put your Jews and Booze suggestions in a comment below! We recommend suiting up as King Herod with a cocktail umbrella sticking out of your collar.

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5 Responses to “Jews and booze”

  1. Christine from San Diego Says:

    Hi guys!! OMG my first time I wrote in and it’s on the site! Yay! Well, i went to the party as Judge “Jewdy”, tho I really like the girl in your pic Sophie!! Thanks AMT listeners! PS: Jesus was taken. hahaha.

  2. Mike Says:

    go as jesus, OF COURSE

  3. Mr Tyke Says:

    You could go as a bunch of fruit with a bottle of vodka; Oranges, Raspberries, Grapefruit etc. You then have the ensuing hilarity of explaining your mistake in thinking it was Juice and Booze

  4. Darcy Says:

    Bring a jug of water and ask around until you find the Jew you heard about who can turn it into wine for you.

  5. SophieMadeOfStars Says:

    i would suggest dressing up like this sexy missus…

    if all else fails… get a black hat and tie your hair up, apart from two strands at the front, and curl?

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