EPISODE 115 – Ladies’ Night at Games Workshop


Hello hello hello!

Contrary to what we said last week about releasing Episode 115 a day late, here we are, on Thursday, with Episode 115 ready to go! Don’t believe us? The evidence awaits your ears:

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Paving this week’s boulevard of broken brains are such topics as:

Antoni Gaudí
Wembley stadium
pre-Photoshop trickery
ancient nail-varnish
Durham Cathedral
war games
the Crystal Palace Museum
Fabric vs. fabric
prostitution vs. rental contracts
Chapel Carter.

Plus: Olly gives his Top Tips for bloggers; Helen gives her Top Tips for staying awake at Coldplay concerts; and Martin the Sound Man pretends to know about football, confuses Brazil and Mexico, and generally undoes all the good work he’d put in to convincing us all that he’s clever.

As usual, we’re hungry for YOUR QUESTIONS, which you can email to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com or leave as a voicemail on Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877; but we also really need your help in determining what this week’s final questioneer Reggie should do about his epilepsy/girlfriend/cat/overpriced dog problem. Listen, then please vote:

We’re sure Reggie will appreciate it, and that his girlfriend probably won’t. But hey, democracy can’t please everyone all of the time.

See you next week, lovelies!

Helen and Olly

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3 Responses to “EPISODE 115 – Ladies’ Night at Games Workshop”

  1. gaijintendo Says:

    You do realise these Epilepsy Service dogs are trained to predict epileptic seizures, allowing you to make preparations for an upcoming attack. Dogs are weirdly good like this. I believe that dogs are able to smell certain types of tumors too. Hooray for dogs!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Reggie should go for Option 4:
    – Realise he’s a moron to deny his girlfriend a dog that can foresee seizures and leave her so that she can find a less moronic partner. Besides a dog and cat have a chance of forming a lasting, rewarding and harmonious relationship, but an epileptic woman and a insensitive twonk do not.


    that is all


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