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Salutations, listeners!

Today’s the start of Ramadan, so best of luck with that, Muslim listeners; we’d imagine a daylight fast would be considerably easier at a time of year when the days weren’t still so damn long, but maybe Answer Me This! Episode 105 will help take your mind off it:

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Therein we talk upon the following matters:

lunch dates
Danelectro guitars
Greek GCSE (ancient, not modern)
sodium hydroxide
Noah’s ark
North Dublin
Dyson Ball
Helen’s granny’s anecdotes (granecdotes?)
evolution favouring Agatha Christie
Michael Palin
East Croydon.

Plus: had he not liked TV so much, Olly could have been a priest by now; Helen invites you all to take a turn in Martin the Sound Man’s beard; and Martin the Sound Man manages to analogise Girls Aloud to crisps, albeit unconvincingly.

Also, because we are Vampires feeding off the Misery and Failure of others, if you have managed to do a massive fuck-up in a job interview like Neal from Crawley, please tell us all about it by posting a comment below; and as ever, send us your QUESTIONS in the form of an email to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com or a voice message via Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877.

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See you next week!

Helen and Olly

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15 Responses to “EPISODE 105 – www.sanctimoniouspartybags.com”

  1. Neil Says:

    I was being interviewed for a financial position with the local council. After getting through two rounds of exam test i had made the final 8. (down from 180!)

    My dad always told me eye contact was crucial…..so i spent the whole time staring at the main guy interviewing and never blinked through the half an hour interview. At times it felt as if i was interviewing him. I believe he thought I was a crazy, phycotic madman and did not get the job. Shit!

  2. Scott from Poole Says:

    Back when I was about 16, my parents decided that I needed to get a part time job – I doubt it was to supplement my income from them, more an excuse to get me out of the house and out of their way… Anyway, like all teenagers, I went for a number of interviews at major retailers…One of which was B&Q.

    The group bit of this particular interview seemed to last forever before we were given a sheet of paper with some questions on it about general DIY topics – we had to write in our answers before discussing them on a one-to-one basis with an interviewer. Just to remind you, this was for a part time job – I wasn’t trying to become the new CEO of the company!

    Anyway, during my interview we came to one of the questions – which was something like “How would you advise a customer who wanted to put up tongue and groove panelling in their bathroom?”. My answer to this question was that “I’d advise them not to bother as it would inevitably look shit”. When I knew we were approaching this question in the one-to-one session, I pre-empted the interviewer and excused myself from the interview… I ended up working for Sainsbury’s.

  3. Neil from Dundee Says:

    I once went for a job interview at Tesco and due to the great boxers shortage of ’02 (i.e I’m a slob and do laundry about once every 6 months) I ended up wearing some stylish Dinosaur boxers which were a bit on the tight side. Anyway… fast forward to my interview and as it was drawing to a close, I glanced down at my lap to discover that the fly on my trousers was wide open and not only were the infamous childish dinosaur boxers fully visible but so was my penis.

    What followed was an impressive attempt to zip myself up without looking like I was inappropriately fondling myself. However, I am pleased to announce I was offered the job and subsequently turned it down after realising I could easily secure a much better job by flashing my willy at the interviewer.


    when i was at my collage interview we had a big talk about the collage and the course, and how hard the work was going to be ect.

    And at the end of the interview he started writing out a character refernece thing and said have you got any questions. my mind went blank and i just looked him staright in the eye and said ‘whens lunch?’

    That was the stupidest things i have everdone, i just wanted to shoot myself.
    but i still got into the collage so maybe he was used to brainless questions

    after all,
    it is an art collage

  5. Kat from Edinburgh Says:

    At school, I went to an interview for the positino of Head Girl. During the interview, I reffered to the younger students as “little people”. There was an akward silence so I just carried on like nothing had happened.

    I got Deputy Head Girl.

  6. Philip Says:

    Hey – what’s up with the faint hum in the background all the way through (except on the high-fidelity QuestionLine)?

  7. Kate Says:

    Thanks for The Wire jingle – I thought I was the only person in the world not to like it! A weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

  8. Chris Says:

    When I was an awkward gangly teen, I went for a job at a data entry firm. The morning was cold so I wore a thick jumper, the office, however was extremely warm and for some unknown I left my jumper on. When the young woman who interviewed me came into the room I could help but notice she had gigantic boobs. So I sat there sweat dripping down my red face, unable to draw my gaze away from her chest. Surprisingly I got that job, but then a shoe could have done that job.

  9. Alex from Belfast Says:

    I nearly wet myself at Neal from Crawleys interview, my sister and i kept rewinding it to hear it again and again.

  10. Sarah Says:

    OOOH I cringed so bad at the story about the interview, what a situation to be in!

  11. Nina from Brittany Says:

    Nanecdotes- come on!

    Have you never listened to Russel Brand?

    • Leon from Northumberland Says:

      Nanecdotes – oh the memories 😥
      I sent in an nanecdote and Russell read it out and noel gallagher laughed,
      that was one of the most amazing moments of my life so far…

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