You may now kiss the bride…if her faceful of bees doesn’t put you off.


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In Episode 101 Helen sounded off about the homogeneity of wedding photos on Facebook. Then she felt a little bit guilty about it, until an ambassador of the Lord Almighty emailed in to confirm her jaundiced views – Adrian, a priest from Belfast:

I completely agree with your determination that, no matter the details, most weddings are basically the same! Obviously it’s part of my job, and weddings are really great things to be part of; but so far there’s been very little that has made any weddings at which I’ve officiated different from the others, special though each one was.

So, in order for me to appropriately advise couples in relation to their approaching nuptials, Helen and Olly, answer me this: what on earth can anyone do to make their wedding interesting and different without making it a gimmick-laden waste of time for all involved?

Well of course everyone in the whole world has given this wedding gimmick the thumbs up; and I doubt one would forget the ceremonies of these brave chaps or this possibly friendless groom. But readers, let’s consider couples who don’t see themselves as dancers or zoophiles: what other charming ways can you think of to distinguish one’s nuptials from the rest? Please comment below! And no, splashing out on the napkin rings will NOT cut the mustard…

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2 Responses to “You may now kiss the bride…if her faceful of bees doesn’t put you off.”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I’ve never been to a wedding but always imagined them to be a bit boring if your not the bride, groom or elderly relative. But that entrance dance is one of the best things I’ve ever seen!

  2. Stephen Says:


    My wife and I had a small wedding, and concentrated mainly on good food for the guests and making time to chat (no disappearing off for loads of photos).

    While organising the reception we thought we had an original idea:

    We told the restaurant owner that we wanted, get this, a CLOSE UP MAGICIAN to come round the tables between courses to entertain, promote conversation between people who may not know each other, and also just because we like close up magic. We wondered if the restaraunt owner would think us odd.

    He was entirely unsurprised. “I’ll give you the card of the close up magician who normally does that sort of thing for us. He’s very good.”

    At that point we realised there was nothing original we could do that wasn’t gimmicky.

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