Happy birthday to us!


** Click here for EPISODE 99 **

On the eve of our 100th episode, we’ve received a marvellous missive from Simon:

I’m breaking tradition, I’m emailing not with a question, BUT WITH A PRESENT…of sorts.

I found myself doodling as I usually do whilst listening to episode 98, and it sort of developed into the drawing that’s attached! It’s to celebrate your 100th episode, and a thanks for being so damned awesome over the last two years.

Simon's AMT100 pic

Thanks very much, Simon! (Especially for making us look so much better than we do in real life.) And if any of the rest of you fancy making cards for us to prop on our virtual mantelpieces, send them along too! Nobody likes tears on their birthday…

Incidentally, as a birthday treat, we were asked to compile our Celebrity Playlist for iTunes. If you can pause in choking with laughter at the mere notion of us having managed to muscle in on something with ‘celebrity’ in the name, then click HERE check out our joint megamix.

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3 Responses to “Happy birthday to us!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Martin the sound man looks more like a hippy than anything else – in the picture at least 😀

  2. Sharon Says:

    That is one camp playlist – but well done anyway for being knighted as celebrities on iTunes!

  3. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    That’s really good! The picture, not the playlist.

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