Oh this? Erm, I just had an accident with the fake tan…


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Some questions are really too visual to be answered in an audio podcast. Others are a bit too apt to get us into trouble. This question from Sharon from Glasgow falls in both camps:

At a fancy dress party last year I dressed as Jimi Hendrix and blacked up. My friends were split between whether this is racist or not. I think I looked great. Answer me this: is blacking up racist?

p.s. I have attached photos for your judgement.

p.p.s. I am definitely not racist.

Sharon in her normal state

Sharon in her normal state

After: is Sharon racist, or just misunderstood?

After: is Sharon racist, or just misunderstood?

Never mind blacking up - that person next to Sharon is GREEN.

Never mind blacking up - that person next to Sharon is GREEN.

It doesn’t seem quite as wrong as the film Soul Man, but I think we should have a poll all the same:

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7 Responses to “Oh this? Erm, I just had an accident with the fake tan…”

  1. bigjoestraightedgexxx Says:

    me and some friends got dressed up as run dmc for a party which involved going brown. over the top of our dmc outfits we wore klansmen costumes we walked into the middle of the do to gasps of bad taste of our fellow revellers only to tear of the hateful kkk costumes off to reveal ourselves to be the worlds greatest hip hop group and proceeded to tear and then jump up and down on the offending kkk outfits of hate, and show that the dearly departed jam master jay was back from the dead to kick racist ass…. now if thats wrong…….
    i have pictures

  2. Sharon from Glasgow Says:

    Thanks for the responses everyone. The responses on the night I did it were all positive (random people buying me drinks in the pub, got into the nightclub for free, got hit on by a guy (seriously, he tried to kiss me even with the stick on moustache!) and I even managed to hitchhike a lift home!) but later discussions with other acquaintances brought up some of the points raised here.

    The green person in the second pic is my friend Julie dressed as Old Gregg from the Mighty Boosh.
    Mean Girls (the film): “With fancy dress you can dress as slutty as you like and noone can say anything”. Julie: “I think we missed the point”

  3. Abs Says:

    My (male) friend likes to dress up as black women for fancy dress parties. He’s been Pam Grier and Whoopi Goldberg.

  4. joe Says:

    Nowhere near as bad as Fisher Stevens, in short circuit 1 & 2 in the late 80’s

    heaven forbid they hired an Indian actor.

  5. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    You are obviously not racist, and aren’t intenting to hurt anyone, but you could still upset someone without meaning it. I would say unless you are only with close friends you know won’t be offended, it is a really bad idea.

    PS. Although it is better than wearing a green, white and gold flag on your bonce or singing ‘The Famine Song’.

    PPS. Come on St Mirren next season!

  6. Dan Says:

    Although the sentiment behind it is not racist, its a sensetive issue, and it doesnt hurt to bear in mind some people could be pretty upset by it. The history of white people blacking up is not a pretty one, and it definitely has very negative connotations. In Australia many people say the word “Paki” as a legitimate shortening of the word “Pakistani”, with no offense intended, but we wouldnt use it here because of the connotations it has. So I would say probably don’t do it… its just polite!

  7. Nina from Brittany Says:

    Fine. As it’s not making fun of the blackness. Plus, black dickheads do exist. “Being a victim never stopped anyone from being a bastard.” (words of a famous holocaust survivor)

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