The future Queen – doing her bit.


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Leave it to the Away team to point out the glaring errors in our knowledge of modern British history…  Olly spent a portion of Episode 78 fantasising about the young Queen Elizabeth II doing her bit for the war effort on the tanks, and not even knowing that she would one day be crowned Fairy Princess of the West; suffice to say that, like most biopics, this misty-palmed reverie was lacking a little in the ‘factual accuracy’ department.

Fortunately, a couple of our Stateside listeners have been in touch to restore the ‘edu’ to the ‘edutainment’. Firstly, Nancy from Pennsylvania points out:

When the Queen was working on jeeps and such during the war, her father was already the King. Meaning, she knew she was going to be the Queen. Olly said that her father was not yet King when she was doing her bit. Wrong!

Peter from Chicago even shows his working (albeit relying upon the encyclopaedia equivalent of a tombola):

I checked on, King George VI’s reign began on 11 December 1936, well before the start of World War II. (

Since his daughter Elizabeth ( was the granddaughter of King George V (, she was a princess from the time she was born (

She joined the WATS in 1945, and yes, she was mechanic and truck driver. (Would you say lorry driver?) (

Now THAT’s another tip-top movie plot: the young queen as a trucker!  Follow the future monach as she pluckily trundles up and down the B-roads, scratching her balls and subsisting off three fried breakfasts a day!  I’m sure one could persuade Helen Mirren to take the role again.

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