More namealikes!


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Since last week’s batch of namealikes, Peter from Chicago has written in to point out:

I had thought proper term was “googleganger.” It was one of the “new words” of 2007.

Hmm – “googleganger” sounds a little bit too ‘prison shower’ for our tastes, so fingers crossed for ‘namealike’ as an early entrant into the new words of 2009. Anyway, on with your titular twins!

Says Joe List:

When I googled myselfI  found this guy…
He’s a stand up comedian from Queens. But he’s not funny at all.
I’m an animator/designer and I don’t make jokes about chicks. I don’t even say ‘chicks’.

So, little common ground between the Joe Lists. What about the Andrew from New Yorks?:

There is only one other person that I have ever found with my same name, he also lives in New York, but while I am a Forensic Scientist working for the police, my internet doppelganger is an Ukrainian Dance instructor/architect.

It’s fascinating enough that one man could be at once an architect and a Ukrainian dance instructor, let alone that his namealike has a job which ITV would make into a long-running drama series. Can any other listeners top that? Perhaps Paul Styles:

My namealike is an American wrestler called (you guessed it) Paul Styles.
His full stage name is Paul ‘The Role Model’ Styles. All the good nicknames must have been taken.

Cor! But let’s take a break now from all that showbiz and see who’s sharing the good name of Elizabeth in Aylesbury:

It turns out I’m a Barrister and a Lesbian and Gay rights campaigner, which is a million miles from what I do as I am a straight lady and a Sales Advisor in a department store.

For some reason, few of you are considering a namealike-inspired career change, even though for some of you it is pretty much already fixed up for you. Take, for instance, Tom T:

My namesake is an electrician who lives round the corner from my house, which explains why I’ve had phonecalls asking to do building jobs.

You should keep up the pretence, Tom T! You’re missing out on a not insubstantial hourly rate.

Finally, let’s check in with the Stan Dennings:

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my name-alike to be none other than the unnervingly hairy ‘Pastor Stan Denning’ and was introduced to the organisation ‘Marantha Motorcycle Ministry’, who according to their website have a desire to ‘promote God’s love and grace in the motorcycle community’.

Well, someone needs to do it.

If YOU have an inapt namealike, please tell us all about him/her in the comments below!

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4 Responses to “More namealikes!”

  1. Nicole from Saskatoon Says:

    I’ve known about my name-a-like for a couple of years now, she lives quite close to me and she’s a French immersion kindergarten teacher. Every summer I get people phoning and asking me in French if there is space in my class for their child. I speak French poorly, and I’m a University instructor and not a kindergarten teacher, but I guess we have slightly similar jobs in that my students do sometimes act like 5 year olds.

  2. Aphra Behn Says:

    Dreamy queen:

    Mechanical queen:

    Queen in overalls:

    Queen changing a tyre:

    She was a pretty girl.


  3. salvez Says:

    For the love of god and all things holy, I AM ALONE IN THIS WORLD!!! Nary another Salvez Dodd anywhere…in the entire world!
    As was stated in the Hollywood blockbuster Highlander, “There can be only one!”.

  4. Murray Head Says:

    I have not spent so much as a single night in Bangkok.

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