EPISODE 78 – appointment with Doctor Fun


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This week was a toughie for us, listeners…because it was the first time ever we’ve shouldered through a podcast without Martin the Sound Man. Our beloved third wheel was off games after a nasty stomach upset. Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone…but there’s still Episode 78, so get listening!

This week, lining the streets of Talkytown are:

Mrs William Hague
Richard X vs. various artists
Liberty X vs. Jesus
chance vs. skill
the Queen vs. the career of Kylie Minogue
infants vs. coffee
the Weekly World News
Cameron Diaz
L. Ron Hubbard
the best Japanese restaurant in Crystal Palace
the many moods of Zeus
Sam Taylor-Wood.

Plus, Olly gets into low-level gambling; Helen yearns for Einstein’s twin brother; and Martin the Sound Man, of course, malingers on his sick bed – but if you need your weekly fix, download the new episode of his music podcast. Or go and stand outside his work and wait for him to come out.

Martin’s completely better now so there’s no need to send any get well cards or bunches of flowers, but there’s always a need to send us a QUESTION, which you can do by Skypeing answermethis, phoning 0208 123 5877 or emailing answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. Don’t make us beg!

See you next week,

Helen and Olly

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3 Responses to “EPISODE 78 – appointment with Doctor Fun”

  1. Wade Says:

    Luckily i didn’t get that advert when i clicked… lucky me.

    Thought i’d give you an insight into my earliest childhood memory. I Can remember being in my dads bedroom, when he told me to go downstairs and say to my mum “Beans, beans, good for the heart, the more you eat the more you fart”. I did this, and then my mum grabbed me, took me into the kitchen and fed me some revolting english mustard and told me thats what i will get in future if i swear.

    My dad denied all involvement.

  2. Jack from Norwich Says:


    I think i was the ORIGINAL clicker of ye advert! Let’s give me a round of applause.

    I too clicked an advert.


  3. Alex Says:

    I’ve just clicked on an advert on Mark from Essex’s website, complying with what Helen and Olly said I should do, to help Mark pay for the site.

    I clicked on an advert that read “soak away your troubles”, thinking that it was an innocent site about bath bombs, or something.

    Actually, it was about cleaning your septic tank, with pictures, while I was tucking into breakfast. Thanks Helen, Olly, and most importantly, Mark from Essex.

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