Well, have YOU ever seen a penguin with hiccups?


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Hiccup cures are still a hot topic, even though Episode 58 is but a distant memory (yeah, I know it was less than three weeks ago, but these days my mind is as retentive as a crocheted teapot). Amy has written in with the following fun-sounding hiccup cure:

when i have hiccups i stand up and pull my arms behind my back and pretend I’m a penguin, it pulls your diaphragm back.
and it works! (plus is quite entertaining if you tell someone who’s doing it that they have to make a penguin noise)

Yikes! Isn’t that also how they tell you to kill a dog that’s attacking you?

On the tandem subject of sneeze prevention, Olly himself piped up to say that talking about an oncoming sneeze often makes it dissipate. Rather like discussing that novel you say you’re going to write one day, or the names of the children you’re planning to have with the partner you’ve only known a week…

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One Response to “Well, have YOU ever seen a penguin with hiccups?”

  1. Jeff Goebel Says:

    All hiccup cures – even the odd ones, are based on the same idea. The wait after you try whatever is all you actually need.

    http://frogstar.com/hiccup – the last cure you’ll ever need.

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