Helen and Olly looking unusually animated for a Monday morning…


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Oh listeners, we do love it when you send us things. Questions, that’s a given. Pictures, a rare but great delight. And now animator Weles Bussett has gone and turned the pretitles from Episode 45 into a piece of animation for the dialogue* section of his portfolio! Loooooook!!!

I only wish we were that charming, moving and toned in real life.

Anyway if any of the rest of you fancies sending us your creative projects, we really look forward to seeing what you come up with: a Punch & Judy-style puppet show, with Helen and Olly beating each other with tiny truncheons? A feature-length Pixar version of Answer Me This? A Jan Svankmajer-esque version in which Helen and Olly are played by sausages? Weles has set the bar pretty high, but that certainly would arrest our attention…

*if the speech looks a bit out of sync, it’s not Weles’s fault – Youtube likes to jigger about with that sort of thing, just in case you forget who’s boss.

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One Response to “Helen and Olly looking unusually animated for a Monday morning…”

  1. Pewter Says:


    Answer Me This: Can we ask for more?

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