EPISODE 60 – I’d love to see Diddy in a monocle


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the lovely Julie Halard

Wimbledon’s begun, so let’s all enjoy this picture of French tennis pin-up Julie Halard. Actually, the only one of us likely to enjoy it to a particularly valuable extent is questioneer Roger Stout, who in Episode 60 confesses that she was the object of his teenage crushes. Don’t worry, Roger, we’re not going to fight you for her.

But why don’t we all accompany Roger on a trip down Memory Lane, at the end of which waits the objects of our adolescent affections, holding a posy and looking a bit rougher than we remembered? Let us know which Hottie was on the posters you kissed before going to sleep (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?) by leaving a comment below; and then have a listen to Episode 60.

It’s bulging like the Incredible Hulk’s trouser-seams with subjects such as:

egg fried rice vs. fried egg and rice
My So-Called Life

Brian Blessed
early Atomic Kitten: hot or not?
Kate Nash’s multitasking
botanical private parts
spiky urethra-fish
Jon La Joie‘s song about ladies you wouldn’t want to take home to mother.

Furtheremore Olly, tired of slating Wales, this week goes for Scotland, France and Chinese medics; Helen abuses her potential paramours; and Martin the Sound Man tries to destroy the podcast by inserting his catchphrase ‘he looks like perfectly smooth pubis’ at any given opportunity (thanks to the wonders of editing, listeners, you are spared this horror. Be grateful. Very grateful). We also reveal the silliest Google searches which, according to our blog stats page, have resulted in Answer Me This!, and if you like the sound of that, then you might also like the sight of this.

There’s not much else to add except PLEASE SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS by emailing answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, phoning 0208 123 5877 or Skype-ing answermethis.

Yup. That is all. Toodle-pip!

Helen and Olly

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One Response to “EPISODE 60 – I’d love to see Diddy in a monocle”

  1. Kat from London Bridge Says:

    Being a good drone, I googled smelly sneezes which listening to the podcast at work only to find that your entry is actually all about how many people find the site by googling smelly sneezes. Hardly the same! Either way, listening to episode 60 has made doing the late shift considerably less suicidally tedious and for that I thank you and Ollie’s smelly nasal ejaculations.

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