While we’re gone…


…don’t be a stranger. Here’s where you can find us:

Helen tweets as @helenzaltzman.
Her podcast The Allusionist is at theallusionist.org, and @allusionistshow and facebook.com/allusionistshow. Her website is helenzaltzman.com.

Olly tweets as @ollymann and you can be his Facebook fan at facebook.com/ollymann. His website is ollymann.com.
His podcast The Modern Mann is @themodernmann and at modernmann.co.uk; and he is on LBC and the Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast.
And of course he’s busy taking care of Harvey Mann!

Martin tweets as @martinaustwick and @sociablephysics. His podcast Song By Song is about to start a new series about Tom Waits’s third album Nighthawks at the Diner. You can also hear Martin’s own music on his Sound of the Ladies podcast.

Oh, and AMT communicates via @helenandolly and facebook.com/answermethis.

Please do check out our albums: the new AMT Love, and the eternal classics Sports Day, Jubilee, Holiday and Christmas (’tis the season! The completely wrong season).

All the albums are new material that has not appeared on the podcast; and they are for sale on iTunes, Amazon and answermethisstore.com.

You can also buy our first 200 episodes on iTunes and at the AMT store; and exclusive to our store are our previous Best Of episodes from each year.

Any purchases help to support the show!

Catch up on the 131 most recent AMT episodes right here, and on your podlisteningservice of choice.

Here’s what you can expect from the AMT Love album:


5 Responses to “While we’re gone…”

  1. Jas Says:

    Can’t wait for AMT to be back. I was concerned that the 3 month hiatus was a little longer than planned

  2. M Says:

    Is AMT gone forever now?

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