Thursday Listening Party


On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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The other day I heard this very interesting episode of All In The Mind about the Truman Show Delusion, and it must be Truman Show Delusion Season, because lo, on this week’s This American Life, there it is. (And in the same episode, I was glad to hear this absolutely bonkers story again.)

There’s a new series afoot of Radio 4’s Digital Human, and listening to it is making me feel smarter, even though my brain is actually rapidly crumbling. I’ve also been happily blasting through FiveThirtyEight‘s podcast What’s The Point, which makes tech and stats and data stuff a lot more engaging and entertaining than you would expect from the words ‘tech’, ‘stats’ and ‘data stuff’.

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy as well: for Guardian Tech Weekly, Olly met the founder of Instagram to celebrate the app’s fifth birthday. Regarding things that are even younger than that, in the latest Allusionist I found out why we talk to babies like we, and they, are idiots.

PS I know I mentioned Adam Buxton‘s new podcast last time, but given how enthusiastic you were to hear him in AMT300 and Jon Ronson in AMT190, I thought you should know that the latest episode features Adam Buxton AND Jon Ronson ie is probably your ideal podcast.


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