How we met



Since AMT322, we’ve been enjoying hearing how you found AMT – through us appearing on other shows like JJGo or Ian Collins or No Such Thing As A Fish, or mentions on 99% Invisible or The Bugle; or thanks to articles we wrote or were mentioned in; or because it was early 2007 and we groomed you on MySpace. Please tell us in the comments how you found us! But we’re guessing most of you found us by accident, or through word of mouth. Like these champs:

Davi from Boston (formerly Davi from Maryland): I started listening to it because of the recommendation of Becca from Chicago, of Andrew Lloyd Webber Ice Skating Question fame. I started in 2012 and haven’t missed an episode since!

Hannah: I discovered your podcast whilst suffering from a bout of insomnia and browsing the podcast library. The name caught my attention as did the bright yellow “cover art”. It quickly became a regular bed-time favourite.

But did it cure the insomnia or make it worse?

Alex in Glasgow: I actually found out about you guys through my friend, your longtime listener Eliot from Wrexham!

I think Eliot from Wrexham may have been a MySpace quarry, as aforementioned.

Verity from Oxford: I am a recent Oxford graduate who was introduced to AMT in July by my tutor, who helpfully suggested it as a distraction following my objectively-fine-but-slightly-disappointing finals results. I have since binge-listened to about a year’s worth of episodes.

I’m interpreting that to mean we’re part of the Oxford syllabus.

Charlie from Berkeley, CA, originally from Cleethorpes: I first found about about it from a friend of mine, Ken from San Francisco (featured in episode 261 with his This American Life-esque announcement). We were hanging out last summer, and I’d had a terrible evening, but Ken knew how to cheer me up – with a dose of Helen, Olly, and Martin the Soundman, of course.

As a British ex-pat, originally from Cleethorpes (and now, by some miracle of the British state education system, living in Berkeley CA and finishing up a doctoral degree in clinical psychology), I couldn’t help but be tickled by the podcast. I’ve been especially tickled by the fact that both Cleethorpes and the Bay Area have gotten several mentions, and cracked up on BART during the guest episode with Ian Collins who got lost after sleepwalking in a caravan park in Cleethorpes as a child.

We can never guess why AMT does it for you, but we’re definitely glad it does. Thanks for listening!



13 Responses to “How we met”

  1. Robin Ballantine Says:

    I heard you on Richard Herring’s podcast, wondered who you were and thought I’d check you out. Many past episodes later and I’m up to speed now. Now I know more about you than many of my friends.

  2. Suzanne Weir Stein Says:

    I found The Allusionist through Radiotopia first which led me tangentially to ATM. This past June my husband and I went on a road trip from Seattle to Los Angeles (long drive!) and were looking for entertainment along the way. We binge listened to The Allusionist and LOVED it. When we got home I googled Helen and found ATM which is now my favorite podcast! Someday I’m going to send in a question.

  3. polomint38 Says:

    From an episode of Little Atoms with Neil Denny, I liked the silly jingles

  4. Simon From Sarnia Says:

    I found you guys through a TED Talk. After I watched Roman Mars’s TED Talk, I subscribed to 99% Invisible, but here’s where it differ’s from most people. After listening to the 10 millionth RadioTopia ad, I gave in and search their catalog. I found Helen’s podcast, The Allusionist and felt the urge to download it. I searched ITunes for Helen Zaltzman and found two results. One for the aforementioned podcast and one of Answer Me This. I was pulled in by the great reviews and what I call, a “tester episode”. I have been listening to your podcast ever since.

  5. Dylan Says:

    I first heard about you while listening to the Adam and Joe 6music podcast at Twickenham station years ago, someone had written in and said that the A&J podcast was among his top 3 along with you guys and another I can’t remember. Been listening to you since.

  6. Stan Edwards Says:

    Jesse Thorn mentioned you on Reddit.

  7. imptwitch Says:

    I found the Allusionist via 99% and then did some Googling. As of earlier this week, I am completely caught up on all of the episodes of AMT!

  8. Theresa Says:

    My ex-boyfriend/best friend and I met because my mother ‘sold me’ for the equivalent of a dozen oatmeal cookies to him to cover her ER call shift. Let me explain because that sounds awful. Steven works in the operating room with my mother, and every weekend the hospital has a nurse on call for the ER operating room so it works out that every month and a half mom would be on call to cover those shifts. We had been planning to go out of town to visit my grandparents, so she asked Steven to cover her weekend call and he agreed. Now normally that means I make him oatmeal raisin cookies (mom could burn water) to thank him for his niceness, but this time when mom asked what he wanted in gratitude he jokingly said “you have a daughter right?” And she happily scribbled down my number and told me to call him… a two year friendship sprung out of that after we tried dating for 6 months.

    • Theresa Says:

      And he got me hooked a few weeks ago when he went through my iTunes podcast list and saw QI’s No such thing as a fish and said ‘Answer me this’ is amazing! Listen to this if you like that!’ And hers I am binge listening

  9. Gordon Says:

    I first heard you at about episode 59, but I am vague on how I came across AMT? I think you were featured in iTunes recommended and the yellow logo got my attention. I have a backup somewhere with all but about the first 30 episodes downloaded – has helped pass many a long journey.

    For anyone that hasn’t tried it, try the earlier episodes. The very early ones are endearingly amateur, though just as fun as now. Later on things get enjoyably sweary and rude. Win either way.

  10. Liz Riegel Says:

    Like probably a lot of people, I heard Helen’s guest spot on JJGo a couple of years ago and she charmed the hell out of me. Now I listen religiously. (Also you answered my question about cheese-jobs and I am forever grateful for that.)

  11. Margot from Toronto Says:

    I discovered it after hearing Helen on the “International Waters” podcast. I have since listened to all your episodes.

  12. Steve M Says:

    I am one of those who was initially bullied into listening to the show by my then new girlfriend. It took a while for me to get over Olly’s annoying voice, but once there I have loved every show (well apart from when you announced you were going fortnightly, that was shit).
    My partner even downloaded a load of your old stuff for me to listen to whilst I was recovering from surgery. I’m not sure if the laughing helped or hindered my recovery though.

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