Thursday Listening Party


Tyson Beckford Hosts Monster Headphones Launch Party

On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
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I’m about to go on holiday* for a fortnight, and I want to pack a load of new-to-me podcasts; so this Thursday Listening Party, what I’d love to know is: which podcasts have you recently discovered?

Or, if you prefer to stick to your old favourites, let me know what’s in your regular rotation. Mine changes every few months: there are a few hundred shows stacked up in my podcast app, and many of the ones I like the best are released sporadically; but every week I listen to the latest 99% Invisible, Bullseye and Dinner Party Download.

*But still doing the usual amount of work, so there will be a new AMT in your podbucket next week.

Right now, here’s how I’ll be spending my eartime:
1. Tomorrow is final episode of the second season of StartUp: the stakes seem a lot higher than they did in season one. Good luck, Dating Ring! Also, I thought this article comparing StartUp to reality TV was an interesting perspective.
2. Hooray, Pitch has returned! The first episode of the new season is about cover songs. I am all for this.
3. Since we seem to be on the theme of firsts and lasts, try the new podcast First Time Last Time. What was it like the first time YOU robbed a bank, kids? (Don’t tell me; tell an officer of the law, please.)
4. In the latest installment of ‘things which might be a bit like Serial’ is BBC Radio 4’s Who Killed Elsie Frost?, a fifty-year-old cold case being reinvestigated by a team of journalists and the victim’s brother and sister. It’s available on the BBC website and as a podcast.

We’ve made a few sounds this week: Olly helms the brand new episode of the Guardian’s Tech Weekly, and a fresh Media Podcast will appear tomorrow. In the new Allusionist, I learn about how words can become your worst enemy and how psychotherapy can put them back in their place. Listen at

Catch up with AMT316 to hear about the peace symbol, bridegrooms and Greggs the Baker, and rejoin us next Thursday for AMT318.


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2 Responses to “Thursday Listening Party”

  1. tubbydammer Says:

    I listened to the first episode of the new Sitcom Geeks podcast at the weekend. A very enjoyable listen about writing sitcoms.

  2. Constance Says:

    We seem to have similar taste is podcasts, so I feel confident in recommending The Dead Authors Podcast – which is absurd and addictive. Don’t miss the Four Gospels authors and Ayn Rand.

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