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Graham‘s question paints a vivid picture:

I am currently sitting in my living room in Tunbridge Wells having a cup of tea. My daughter is also in here busily making a bizarre structure out of Lego. As a background soundtrack to her industry, she is listening to a generic music, video and internet device, tuned in to a Minecraft video blog on You Tube.

I am familiar with this turn of events, as she will often listen to these Minecraft vlogs (I think that’s the phrase) and I will tune out, allowing the voices to add to the ever growing cesspool of white noise that you build up a tolerance for.

This time, however, things are different! I heard the voice of the vlog and thought, “That’s familiar, who’s that?” Then it came to me: that is the voice of Olly Mann!

I asked my daughter (who had forgotten I was in the room with her, so deeply immersed in the Lego and Minecraft) who it was and she replied, “It is Mr Williamo.”

So, answer me this: is Olly Mann secretly moonlighting as a Minecraft Video Blogger going under the name of Mr Williamo?

I would love to hear from you on this, from what I understand the Minecraft video blogs can be quite lucrative.

They can? Dammit! Why are we bothering with this question-answering audio bullshit?

As far as I know, between AMT and his LBC show and Guardian Tech Weekly and the Media Podcast and trying to get his cat to love him back, Olly doesn’t have time to masquerade as Mr Williamo. But over the years he’s talked so much, it’s entirely possible someone has extracted every phoneme and created a Siri-style Olly Mann Universal Commentator, ready to be the voice of anything. If this hasn’t happened yet, prepare yourselves for the inevitable.


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One Response to “Mann’s Minecraft moonlighting”

  1. Martin Says:

    Good point – perhaps you should do a YouTube version of AMT so that you can rake in the advertising pennies.

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