first gay kiss on film



Following Olly’s suggestion in AMT314 that Wings contains the first offical gay kiss in mainstream cinema, Anna says:

I have two other suggestions for the first gay kiss in cinema.

The first is Marlene Dietrich in Morocco (1930). Dietrich’s character, Amy Jolly, is a nightclub singer who does one of her songs in a very fetching tuxedo and kisses one of the women in the audience. Obviously, this isn’t a full-on snog in the context of a gay relationship, but it’s definitely sexual rather than friendly.

The second is from Madchen in Uniform (1931). Again, it’s not a full-on snog in the context of a gay relationship, but its lip-to-lip and there is lesbian feeling between the two characters that kiss (revealed in another scene in the film). Madchen in Uniform was the first film to show lesbians in a positive light – yay for the Weimar Republic! Obviously, with the unfortunate turn that German history took soon after 1931, it was banned in Germany a few years after its release. Nearly banned in America too, but Eleanor Roosevelt saved the day by giving the film her endorsement.

Any other bids?


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