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If there are any hairdressers, trichologists or mythbusters reading this, please go to the comments ASAP to answer this question from Hollie in Reading:

My boyfriend is adamant that hairdressers never wear flip flops because if they get cut hair on their feet it can attach itself and grow!

Is this true?

We have been arguing about it for 5 years and he is wearing me down. It sounds so ridiculous but he is certain and even got a hairdresser friend to tell me ‘the truth’ and she agreed with him! Is he right? Can hair attach itself to other people’s skin?

I would imagine that hair trimmings, particularly short ones, could stick like a splinter into a hairdresser’s foot, hence them choosing more protective footwear. But, just as a splinter in your foot won’t grow into a sapling, NO OF COURSE SOMEONE ELSE’S HAIR TRIMMINGS CANNOT TAKE ROOT AND GROW OUT OF A HAIRDRESSER’S FOOT.

I’m not a scientist, so maybe I’m wrong. But cut hair is dead, so surely I’m not.

Next question: if someone has particularly sweaty feet, could you grow cress inside their damp trainers?


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9 Responses to “hairdressers’ hairy feet”

  1. Anna Glidewell Says:

    This definitely can happen. Hair splinter from someone else’s hair. Beauty school dropout here-

  2. Albert Brown Says:

    u can, i found this because i was growing a long, black hair on my arm. I cut it, and it’s grown back. its super nasty to think about.

  3. Darren Says:

    I always get white stains from my salon any one recomend what its from

  4. Richard Cross Says:

    This is not entirely out of the realm of possibility and has happened. Things must be perfect though. With Genetically 2 compatible with in close proximity ie. cutting hair. (Not all hair coming off is trimmings we shed constantly)
    Shed hair from donor can find new life in host if follicles are healthy and it is punctured in the skin correctly. Rare as hell but not impossible.
    For instance I have light brown hair my ex wife has long jet black hair. 7 years of sharing the same bed I had one of her hairs imbedded in my back it was 2 foot long. ( How many men have 24 inch body hair) i don’t have back hair at all so we used Nair on it several times it finally quit coming back.

  5. Spongebob Says:

    I’m a hair dresser, and YES this is true and can happen. I’ve had a clients hair splinter into my knee, which I didn’t notice and months later when it started to feel irritated I found a black hair about 6cms long all coiled up under my skin. I know it wasn’t mine as my leg hairs are a very light blonde and my hair on my head is blue and green.

    • Spongebob Says:

      *Although the reason we wear closed shoes is the prevention of injury in the off chance we drop our scissors or spill chemicals in our feet.

  6. Martin Says:

    I had a friend who was a hairdresser. He also said that client’s hair implanted in his arm and grew – he claimed he knew it was their hair because it was a different colour. He wasn’t generally a bullshitter, but it seems implausible to me too. If it worked, wouldn’t bald men be rolling about on the floor in hairdressers salons? Perhaps it’s just possible that hairdressers think it’s true, just like they think horoscopes are true.

  7. jarthurstormer Says:

    He’s absolutely right. Just think about it; every time you’ve ever gotten a splinter, it grew a tree.

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