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Anonymous Man finds himself with an unwanted travel companion:

I am a single gay man in his early thirties. As part of being a gentleman that enjoys the casual shag every now and again, I go get my bits checked in my local GUM clinic 2-3 times a year. Unfortunately, my most recent trip ended with me having a round of applause* in my throat.

I was given a jab in the bum and a several pills as a massive dose of antibiotics, and told to come back in two weeks to make sure all was well and good. However, it will be three weeks until this appointment as I am heading on holiday before then.

The was to be a somewhat sexy holiday, and thus my dilemma is this: should I abstain from sex, even though it is overwhelmingly likely (99.6%, by rough internet research) that I will be cured at this time? As someone that engages in semi-regular casual sex, I’m aware of the risks of having sex with a stranger (that all parties should take into account); in my case, the percentage wouldn’t be based on how adventurous I’d been but on the efficacy of treatment.

I try to be honest and up front (I have contacted all those who needed to know about this bout, in case they need to get themselves checked) about stuff like this, but I think this degree of honesty would probably make the question moot.


*applause = the clap = gonorrhea – but I’m sure you figured out already.

Readers, what do you think? Would condoms not make this a non-problem even if he’s 0.4% uncured? Provide your medical and sexual advice in the comments.


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3 Responses to “holiday buddies”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Speaking as a bisexual man who also has semi-regular casual sex I’m always well aware of the risks of any unprotected sexual acts I have with other gay/bi men. It’s something we’re all prepared for and anyone willing to have casual sex is aware of the risks he’s taking and is willing to take those chances

  2. jarthurstormer Says:

    be up-front about it before hooking up with some one, just like we all should be about any sexual health risk. and if somebody isn’t educated enough about sexual health to understand when you explain that the risk with you in is almost non-existent now, maybe they’re the risk that you should be worried about.

  3. The mind ramp Says:

    First of all, well done for getting tested regularly. I do agree that degree of honesty makes the question a moot one in most cases still, I think you owe it to someone so that they decide for themselves if they want to indulge in sexual relations with you or not. As for condoms….If you aren’t properly healed and the condom breaks you may never forgive yourself and worse you could be at the receiving end of a lawsuit for deliberate infection.

    Just my thoughts

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