tea and cock-fee




Here’s a question from Lou:

I was listening to your podcast and Olly mentioned that he had had afternoon tea – a treat he clearly enjoyed.

I love afternoon tea but my husband just doesn’t get it. He has said that next time I want to go I should take a friend instead, but I want to share the experience with him! How can I help him to ‘get’ how amazing afternoon tea is so we can keep on sharing the experience?

Thanks very much for your help – this is a very pressing problem in our relationship as you can no doubt tell!

The three of us all are afternoon tea fans, and obviously, Lou, we are all strongly on YOUR side. Your husband is lucky you’re standing by him, despite this absolute perversion of his. Such a monster doesn’t DESERVE afternoon tea. You could try showing him the saga of Olly’s conversion to tea in this video we made. Or perhaps you could jazz up his hot beverages with this tip from listener Chris:

In your Best Of, Martin commented about how he’d buy a breakfast with a dick’n’balls drawn in tomato sauce.

I live in Melbourne and sometimes Courtenay from Cup of Truth will draw me a dick’n’balls in my morning coffee:



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2 Responses to “tea and cock-fee”

  1. jarthurstormer Says:

    I used to work as the barista for the weekend brunch in a French creperie-themed restaurant, and I specialized in drawing a very anatomically correct cock-and-balls on lattes. Every so often a server would come back from an especially rude table with a pissed-off look on their face, add some drinks to the queue for me to make, and say to me, “Joe, you probably should make this one a cockiatto”. But the regulars began to ask for them by name and pretty soon I would had a line of four or five fully grown adults sitting at the bar, staring down with shit-eating grins at their perfectly-hung cockiattos and hot cockolates until I gave them all the go ahead to drink: “Balls first!”

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