Festive Listening Party



If/when you’re sick of all the jingling bells and falalalalaaaas, and you’ve already finished your annual listening party of the AMT Christmas album, don’t worry! You can depend upon us to keep your ears full.IMAG0346

For a steaming hot gravyboat full of Olly Mann, listen to the latest Media Podcast, then tune in to LBC because over Christmas he’s on at some uncharacteristically civilised hours, to whit:

Sunday 21 Dec – Tuesday 23rd Dec: 2200-0100
Christmas Day: 1300-1600
Saturday 27 Dec: 1800-2200
Sunday 28 Dec: 1800-2100
Monday 29 – Tuesday 30 Dec: 1900-2200
New Year’s Day: 1300-1600

Then back to his usual nocturnal timeslot of 0100-0400 from 5th January.

As for me: I pop up to talk about the current state of podcasts on the 200th episode of Wired; and here are a bunch of miscellaneous podcasts I’ve been on recently. I’ll also chat about raking in Kickstarter money to AMTpal (and my new boss, I guess) Roman Mars on BBC 5 Live’s Radio Review of the Year, which will be aired at various times over Christmas and available on the 5 Live website shortly after. It’ll be worth your attention simply because Jane Garvey and Stephanie Hirst are hosting.

We’ll be back with the first AMT of the new year on Thursday 8th January. Until then, catch up on the Best of 2014, all those luvverly episodes we’ve put out recently, our albums and our classic episodes. You could also peruse previous listening parties and this list to find some new shows to listen to.

Or you could just watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation again.


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