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Meredith from San Francisco confides:

I recently confided to my husband that when I was younger I had a dream of a sexual nature. He was all for details until I got to the part where the leading man in my dream was Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. He was deeply disturbed and assured me that this was not normal.

So Helen and Olly, answer me this…

Are dreams of liaisons with animated characters a normal part of growing up, or am I a complete freak of nature?

Who cares about ‘normal’, eh? Is anyone really normal? And who ISN’T feeling a little hotter under the collar at the sight of this bulging specimen?

Skeletor's O face

Skeletor’s O face

OK, most people apart from Meredith. But it’s pretty mainstream to have crushes on conventionally attractive cartoon hotties like Jessica Rabbit, Marge Simpson and Wilma Flintstone. Is Skeletor really so deviant in comparison, just because his face has fallen off?

Readers, hop into the comments and admit your own cartoon crushes. I bet plenty of you dream of getting into Spongebob’s squarepants.


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2 Responses to “sexy Skeletor”

  1. Podcast Squared (@podcastsquared) Says:

    Hey, some people enjoy feet, you like Skeletor it’s whatever.
    I was always creepily into Sailor Moon as a child so its not so strange.
    Plus, Skeletor is the bad boy, everyone loves the bad boy right?

  2. Dave Says:

    I recently dreamed that I was going out with Dot Warner, the girl one from Animaniacs. It’s okay though, because I wasn’t me. I was Wakko Warner, her brother.

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